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  My Diary since being diagnosed

1997 - 2003


January 2003

Entries on behalf of Rosie.

Rosie's condition continued to deteriorate and we took the decision for Rosie to return for as long as would be practicable.

On the 15th I asked Rosie to marry me, well after 25 years together it seemed like a good idea, she kept me waiting for the answer well about 15 minutes and I then arranged things with our local registrar. They were extremely helpful and came to the house on the morning of the 16th to conduct the ceremony.

But Rosie wasn't going to let me off lightly and promptly told the Registrar I was a skinflint and that's why I had arranged the wedding at home to save money her wicked sense of humor being one of her strongest assets in the fight against this terrible disease.

On Tuesday the 21st Rosie was readmitted to the Hospice having made the decision herself with her Macmillan nurse on the Monday. 

February 2003

A very difficult month, having fought so strong and hard it was painful for us to see her fade from us over a period of two and a half weeks. If there is some form of all powerful force governing our futures it must have no conscience as she was asked to pay too high a price at the end.

We can't find words to adequately thank all who have helped and supported us, especially the Hospice who ensured that Rosie was allowed to slip away peacefully and without pain. 

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