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  My Diary since being diagnosed

1997 - 2002

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January 2002

On the 8th I was admitted to hospital again with a suspected obstruction of the bowel, no obstruction was found as it was due to adhesions one of the side effects of surgery.

This is apparently a common problem following bowel surgery resulting in real difficulties in moving the bowel. This stay also taught me one thing above all others, our health system needs to taken by the throat and given a good shake

as I still encountered Consultants who talk at and not to the patient.

Patients are people not statistics and should be treated as such, Consultants and some nursing staff need to remember without the patient they have no purpose.

Another bug bear being Doctors rounds that coincide with visiting times, having a piece of curtain pulled around the bed will not afford privacy and details about someone's illness can be heard by all and sundry.

Still enough of my soap box.

April 2002

A very bad month, admitted to hospital and nearly died, finally surgeon stepped in and operated it was risky but as you can see I made it.

Summer months 2002

Not much to tell my condition is not really much better, trips and holidays are now a thing of the past I'm no longer strong enough to cope with traveling still I do have a lot of happy memories.

Autumn 2002

New tumors have been found in my gaul bladder, pancreas and liver again, I'm also having a lot of additional pain that is difficult to control and cope with.

November 2002

 Finding it really difficult, admitted to hospital on the 4th stayed for two weeks nothing much more they could do.

December 2002

This up date has been written by my partner Ray, as I was transferred to a local hospice on the 18th, only been home once for about 3 hours and it cost me a day and a half to recover.

Still not ready to give up yet and looking forward to Christmas will even be trying to get home for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Always remember no matter how bad things get or appear to be, the worst thing is giving up.

Well I made it home for Christmas a total of 4 days from Christmas eve, not bad going although it did tire me out, returned to the Hospice until New Years eve when I came home again but this time only managed two days.

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