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I was born on the 24th of February 1952, my dad was a miner and my mother a cook.  When I was four years old my sister arrived, on the whole I had a happy childhood, there were a few ups and downs especially in my teens as with all families.

I became engaged on my 21st birthday and married in September of that year, my daughter was born the following year in November.  For the first three years my marriage was very happy, but it subsequently fell apart in 1980, we separated and in 1981 we divorced.

My partner and I have been together now for 21 years; my daughter has given me three beautiful grandchildren.  Sadly she is not married, although I suppose given the trend today for un-married mothers this is not unusual.


Adam & Chloe

Since being diagnosed with colon cancer in 1998 my grandchildren have been my primary reason to fight so hard to survive. This became even more of a fight in 1999 when I was told the cancer had spread to my liver and my condition was now terminal.

The latest test results show the cancer has now reached my lungs.  However I will deal with that the same way I have approached the last two years, with determination and a positive outlook.

Being diagnosed with cancer has given me a kick-start to live as much as I can and try things I would otherwise never have thought about doing. Before being diagnosed I had never been abroad, since the initial diagnosis I have taken a flying lesson, spending one and a quarter hours at the controls of a light plane from take off to landing and all this just two days before my first major operation.

I have also been to Prague and Vienna, although best of all was the visit to Santa Claus  (the real Santa that is) at his home in Finnish Lapland just within the Arctic Circle. This was in December 1999 just short of three months after my second major operation this time on the liver.

The temperatures on the frozen lake were Ė26 centigrade, but I still drove a snowmobile and then rode on a reindeer sleigh I canít say it was definitely Rudolf and Co but after the lake I did meet Santa, sat on his knee like any big kid would and discussed my Christmas presents. 

Click here to go to Santa's Village, in Finnish Lappland

He gave me a small gift of a reindeer bell, I may be a 48 year old grandmother but in my heart Iím still a child and believe in the magic that is Christmas.

If you have something you have always thought of trying, do it now, there will never be a better time to live the dream.

It hasnít all been fun and games in the last two years, there have been days when all I want to do is cry and feel sorry for myself. Days when I am so tired its an effort just to get out of my bed. Iíve even had days when I wished the end would come, but Iíve also had the very, very good days and thankfully at the moment the good days out weigh the bad.

So I take every day as it comes and I donít dwell on the future, because itís THE NOW thatís important. My family and friends find it incredible that I stay so cheerful and laugh so much, but that's just me, thatís how I cope.

Rosie with new friend

One thing I would like to say is that I have read and studied my condition, I learnt to use the Internet and it proved to be a powerful tool although you must approach it with caution and check what you find not all information is accurate or everyone aiming to help! This information armed me with questions that I could raise and discuss with my clinical team, yes I did say my team as its important to be part of the process one person can fight but an army can win. My Doctor, Surgeons, Oncologist and Consultants all know that I want to be told all of the truth good or bad and they have kept me fully informed.

This has helped me to come to terms with my condition and I feel it has enabled me to cope with it as part of my life, but you must find your own route as I can only offer guidance.

I have received a great deal of support from my own Doctor and other members of her practice and especially my District Nurse who calls each week and has become a close and valued friend. I have so many people to be thankful for , I still get regular visits from the girls at work who keep me up to date with all the office gossip. I also have a Macmillan Nurse who will visit if I need extra support.

So I want to say a very big thank you to everyone concerned. I have discovered I have a great deal to live for and that I have a lot more courage and determination than I first imagined. I am more out going I even take on other peopleís problems and help them find a resolution, this gives me in return an added purpose to go forward and help me focus into the next day and beyond

I also try to take some time out for myself every day as this helps to recharge the batteries ready for what ever the next day tries to throw at me. I donít think Iím unusual, I firmly believe that each of us who face cancer can find ways of dealing with it and we all find qualities within, which, we were not aware of before being diagnosed.

You have already faced the worst thing imaginable when being told YOU HAVE CANCER, only you can make the choice for the next step, give up, or fight the best way you can and enjoy each day. I have been lucky and given the opportunity to do things I might have otherwise let me pass by. For tomorrow who can say none of us can foretell the future, but if you aim to visit Santa this year watch out for a crazy grandmother on a snowmobile and if we meet donít be afraid to speak and share the enjoyment of life.

I wish all cancer suffers the best of luck, keep fighting no matter what may happen, someday, someone will find the way to beat it.




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