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Dedicated to the memory of Rosie and her 

courageous fight against terminal cancer.


24-02-1952 to 08-02-2003

welcome, this picture was taken in December 2001 at Kittila in Finish Lapland a return trip to a beautiful country that is very special to both of us. 
Sorry, no java browser so picture will not be available Don't let the tired expression fool you it wasn't the location,  from this shot you can't see the hill Rosie climbed and this after starting the day at 05:30 GMT


This website was just one of the tools in Rosie's fight against CANCER.

I hope you enjoy your visit please let me know about the site and if it helped you. Why not click on the Guest Map link where you can also leave feedback.

Rosie and I were married on the 16th of January 2003 in a simple ceremony conducted at home shortly before she had to return to the hospice for the last time.


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